The Seiko Museum

Our experience diving into the Seiko watchmaking world.



1/14/20241 min read

The highlight of our first full day was the Seiko museum in Ginza. The museum explores the history of timepieces and clockworks from the very beginning till present years and adds its own Seiko history and the effect on the clock making world.

The meseum isn't very big and had 6 floors, with each floor being decorated differently. The museum is very neat and has english translation for everything aswell. One detail I also liked was that for every watch on display they put the original price next to it which gives a shocking inside on how much more expensive those watches are nowadays. We've become big Seiko fans with their policies to always be innovative and better. Their slogan is 'one step ahead'.

After the museum we both decided to get a Seiko watch. I got the 7N43-9080 in silver and Felix got the SPB12J1. For me this my first watch and I am in love with it.

The admission to the museum is free of charge. So would 100% recommend.