Arriving at Haneda Airport

Join us on our journey through Japan starting at Haneda Airport.


1/13/20242 min read

After a long 2 flight and being awake for 20 hours we've arrived at Haneda airport. The time of arrivel was 11:00, there's still a long day ahead of us.

Before talking airport, lets start with flight itself. The airline we have flown with is ITA Airways, the national airline of Italie. We flee from Amsterdam to Haneda with an overlay of 1 hour in Rome. Having an overlay on an already long flight seems stupid however the overlay only added 2 hours on the overall duration and made the journey a lot cheaper. The flight from Amsterdam to Rome was only 3 hours and not very memorable expect the view of the alps.

After arriving in Rome and a 20 minute walk we were already on the next plane, the plane to Tokyo. This flight was 12 hours and a lot more luxerious. ITA provided food, earphones, digital entertainment, blankets and a pillow. We were also fortunate that half of thr plane was empty so we had an entire row of 3 seats to ourselves. Eventhough we had the best airplane luck there is we did not expect the flight to be so challenging. This is mainly due to the fact that its flippin hard to sleep on an airplane. So you stay awake but then you get bored and notice there is still 7 hours left on the flight. You're tired and want to sleep but can't. Also in the back of your head you keep repeating, how am I going to stay awake when we arrive because when we arrive it's only 11:00. We made it though.

We had a few things we needed to get at Haneda. First get through customs and reclaim our bagage, then get a sim card for mobile network, thirdly buy a welcome suica card, for public transportation and a second means of payment other than a credit card. Lastly hop on the tokyo monorail to our hotel. All these steps we all very easy and quick. For customs we filled in the visit japan web forms before our flight so there was no paperwork necessary. The sim card we bought at Bic Camera and also didn't take much time. The suica card was also very easily obtained and before we knew it we were on our way to the hotel. Haneda airport was very clean and well structured. The beginning of our long adventure